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Officewear: Office & Casual Pentru Anotimpul Rece

Tinuta de birou nu trebuie sa fie mereu despre sacou si pantofi, in special in anotimpul rece. Si daca jobul este unul mai permisibil, poti face lucrurile mai interesante fara a pierde din aerul profesional cerut de sefi. Ce ai nevoie? Blugi si pulover – doua itemuri iconice, in jurul carora poti construi tinuta care sa bifeze toate cerintele tale si ale celor din colectivul de munca. Continue reading “Officewear: Office & Casual Pentru Anotimpul Rece”

Saptamana Modei: Glam, Practicabilitate si Futurism in Colectia Musette SS 2018 de la MQVFW

Continue reading “Saptamana Modei: Glam, Practicabilitate si Futurism in Colectia Musette SS 2018 de la MQVFW”

Weekend Fashion: Obsessed Over Tucked-In Shirts

EN With such a lovely September going on I’m taking advantage and live an extended euphoria of playing dress up. Continue reading “Weekend Fashion: Obsessed Over Tucked-In Shirts”

Pink Dress Sunday Walk Fashion

EN Our mother-daughter Sunday walk brought to surface one of the loveliest dresses my mom owns. She bought it a while back from the least expected place to find a dress. Continue reading “Pink Dress Sunday Walk Fashion”

Soft Edgy Streetstyle Look with Gabriela Irofte

EN This relaxed outfit stands out through its simplicity and creative use of accessories. Continue reading “Soft Edgy Streetstyle Look with Gabriela Irofte”

Soft Edgy Glam High-Waisted Jeans Urban Outfit

I have to make this confession cause it has been on my mind since forever. I am in love with jeans! It started in middle school when my fashion sense started to blossom due to I don’t know, maybe hormones, or boys or something unknown. And I have to admit that I’ve never become a hoarder, but I always try to have different cuts, and I’ve even had light colors such as turquoise and baby pink, which I’ve never planned on having.

The thing with the jeans is that I can combine them with all sorts of tops and shoes and create different visuals. From glam to edgy and from girly to business. And then there’s the urban style. My oh, my!

M Y  O U T F I T :

CLOTHES – white cropped hoodie with text “Leave Me Alone” from United Colors Of Benetton and high-waisted indigo jeans from Stradivarius.

SHOES – ankle strap black flats from Zara.

ACCESSORIES – black belt bracelet ; gold waist chain.

HAIR & MAKEUP – by me.


Till next time, yours, Glaibera Irofte.

Cea Mai Trendy Bluzita A Verii in Tinuta All-Black

Si premiul pentru cea mai trendy bluzita a verii merge la topul scurt cu maneci lasate. Al meu este negru de plasa si se vede totul prin el, asa ca am camuflat averile personale cu un sutien nude, si uite ca este match made in heaven!

Nu-i asa ca arata dragut? Are un aspect usor volanat si da foarte bine langa piese vestimentare cu talia inalta, cum sunt pantalonii mei negri cu picior larg. Banda dantelata este un plus. In picioare puteti purta orice stil, doar ca acel stil de incaltaminte trebuie sa se potriveasca cu lungimea, detaliile si culoarea hainelor. In plus este bine sa avem o anumita imagine pe care o vrem ca si aspect final. Eu am adaugat un strop de veselie la vestimentatia all-black, si anume pantofii mei portocalii, buni la aproape orice combinatie.

Pentru ca micutul top lasa liber la piele, am adaugat un choker negru cu aplicatie argintie, care merge si cu parul meu aranjat lejer.

Pana la urmatorul articol, cu multa placere, a voastra, Glaibera Irofte.



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