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Miresme de Vis si Produse Infuzate cu Natura

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Se spune ca fericirea exista in lucrurile mici. Suna cam prea de poveste, nu-i asa? Si uite ca povestile exista, ca de exepmplu atunci cand inspiri adanc in piept saculeti plini cu toate plantele de pe camp. Continue reading “Miresme de Vis si Produse Infuzate cu Natura”

Perfect Morning DIY Quick-Fix Face Mask

EN No, this is not how I woke up. It’s just how I took the picture, unintentionally. However, the whole affair was done right after I woke up, and not because I looked bad, but because I felt the need to give my skin a little of extra attention. Continue reading “Perfect Morning DIY Quick-Fix Face Mask”

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