Weekend Fashion: Obsessed Over Tucked-In Shirts

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Trying On: Silver Grey Midi Semi-Pleated Skirt Outfit

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Traditional Inspired Summer Street Style Outfit

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Men’s Streetstyle – Relaxed Kaki Shirt Outfit

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Backless Affair

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Pink Dress Sunday Walk Fashion

EN Our mother-daughter Sunday walk brought to surface one of the loveliest dresses my mom owns. She bought it a while back from the least expected place to find a dress. Continue reading “Pink Dress Sunday Walk Fashion”

Soft Edgy Streetstyle Look with Gabriela Irofte

EN This relaxed outfit stands out through its simplicity and creative use of accessories. Continue reading “Soft Edgy Streetstyle Look with Gabriela Irofte”

Tinuta Chic de Weekend 50 PLus

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