5 ‘Home, Sweet Home’ Products For a Welcoming Nest

Home sweet home is the feeling given by familiar smells, colors, and settings, mostly happening when we’re reintroduced to our home after a long or even a few couple of hours trip (really, it does happen). It is so lovely when you’re back, to find your sacred place waiting for you just how you left it. And then, you go and have a bath, pick your favorite face mist (which is so good to your skin) and plan on having a good sleep. On the bedside table, a steamy cup with your favorite tea is waiting for you. And it’s delicious and wintery, just how you want it.

Kahler Omaggio VASE Miniatur 3-er Pack Gold


Ronnefeldt Tea WINTERDREAM 37.5g

Add a luxurious touch to your vanity setting. A marble tray not only makes everything look expensive, but it helps in organizing too.

Bloomingville Marble Round Tray

Rose Hibiscus Face Mist


Hand Wash 500 ml (Sweet Orange/Cedarwood/Sage)


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