Your Winter’s Soft, Cozy and Affordable ‘Don’t Worry’ Items

Winter is upon us, which is why I made this cozy selection with warm, full of good vibe and downright affordable items. Sweaters are winter darlings and socks are all year must have’s. A pair of gloves keeps the hands safe from cold and well hydrated. And don’t forget about a stylish, winter-appropriate scarf. As for those moments when you need a touch-up in those sensitive areas, a balm can do the trick. Just pop it in your bag, and voila! The selection could not be complete without the coolest pair of shoes, loved by celebrities and influencers. And last but not least, I’ve selected a mood booster kind of trousers for every girl with a pink heart. Can we call in winter now?

LOFT Crew Sock Gift Set 
LOFT Petite Slouchy Fairisle Sweater
LOFT Little Barn Apothecary Matcha + Mint Hydrating Butter BalmEnter
LOFT Heathered Tech GlovesEnter a caption

LOFT Shimmer Stripe Sweater

LOFT Zig Zag Textured Blanket Scarf

LOFT Slim Cuffed Pants in Marisa Fit

LOFT Flat Zip Booties


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