Weekend Fashion: Obsessed Over Tucked-In Shirts

EN With such a lovely September going on I’m taking advantage and live an extended euphoria of playing dress up. Tucked-in shirts worn next to skinny or cut-out blue jeans, with black ankle strap flats or black suede slip-on flats have been my weekend obsession. For my printed green shirt outfit, a one-sided bow choker and an impressive large bracelet merged in perfectly. Next to a white shirt and hair band embellished girly hair, a golden bracelet was a perfect choice.

RO Septembrie ne-a adus o vreme superba de care eu incerc sa profit la maxim. Pentru weekend-ul care tocmai a trecut am avut o mica obsesie pentru camasile bagate in pantaloni, pe care le-am purtat relaxat langa blugi skinny sau taiati. Incaltamintea a fost relaxata si joasa. Cat despre accesorii, fiecare piesa a fost aleasa cu grija. Pentru camasa cu print am ales un choker negru cu fundita si o bratara petrecuta din lant cu aplicatii. Cu o zi inainte purtasem o camasa alba la care am adaugat o bratara aurie pe model de curea de ceas.


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