Trying On: Silver Grey Midi Semi-Pleated Skirt Outfit

EN I’ve always liked the look a long skirt gives to a woman’s body. And yet I’ve never tried wearing one, thinking it may look a bit too much for my age and height. But the day has arrived, and I entered the right shop where I’ve found the perfect midi skirt. So here I am trying it, with a white tee and fluffy pumps.

RO Inca din adoloscenta am gasit fustele lungi ca fiind o aparitie deosebita, dar am avut anumite retineri in a le purta. Drept urmare, am tot amanat decizia in a purta una, pana cand recent am intrat in magazinul perfect. Aici am gasit o minunatie de fusta pe care fara nici o ezitare am luat-o. Acasa am probat-o cu tricouri si topuri diferite. Pentru moment acest look mi-a placut cel mai mult.

CLOTHES: white tee; semi-pleated silver-grey midi skirt / tricou alb cu gat rotund; fusta lunga gri semi pliata.

SHOES: black high-heeled mules with fur and strap / pantofi cu toc decupati cu blanita si snur.

ACCESSORIES: handamade leather and cotton colorful bracelet / bratara handmade din piele si alte materiale.

BAG: embellished little black purse / poseta neagra cu ornamente.


Cu drag, yours, Gabriela Irofte.

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