Men’s Streetstyle – Relaxed Kaki Shirt Outfit

EN  I’ve always enjoyed seeing men’s fashion. My luck was that I had my brother, who even as a teen, loved looking good. Luckily we both shared similarities in taste so that I could give him suggestions, some of which he took. But for the most part, if not entirely, he is the one choosing his clothes and then putting them together into fashionable outfits. Today we met for a photo shooting stroll downtown, followed by coffee and orange juice. We managed to catch up, talk a bit about future and exchange ideas about its second appearance on the blog.

RO  Pentru mine moda nu tine doar de vestimentatia femeilor, asa ca aveam in plan de ceva timp sa aduc pe blog tinute pentru barbati. Mi se pare o completare minunata la cele prezentate de mine si mama, iar azi acea completare s-a implinit. M-am gandit sa tin proiectul in familie, mai ales ca de mici eu si fratele meu am fost intr-alei modei.

CLOTHES: men’s kaki shirt with jacket touch-ups by H&M; men’s black classic tank top; H&M blue men’s jeans / camasa kaki cu efect de jacheta H&M; maieu clasic negru; blugi de barbati albastri H&M.

SHOES: white sneakers / adidasi albi cu negru.

ACCESSORIES: Fossil leather strap watch; leather, metal and mix bracelets; black Wayfarer Ray-Ban sunglasses / ceas Fossil curea de piele; bratari din piele, metal si mix; ochelari negri Ray-Ban model Wayfarer.

DSCN5924.jpgDSCN5967DSCN5974 (1)DSCN5981DSCN5983DSCN5984DSCN5986

Cu drag, yours, Gabriela Irofte.

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