Soft Edgy Glam High-Waisted Jeans Urban Outfit

I have to make this confession cause it has been on my mind since forever. I am in love with jeans! It started in middle school when my fashion sense started to blossom due to I don’t know, maybe hormones, or boys or something unknown. And I have to admit that I’ve never become a hoarder, but I always try to have different cuts, and I’ve even had light colors such as turquoise and baby pink, which I’ve never planned on having.

The thing with the jeans is that I can combine them with all sorts of tops and shoes and create different visuals. From glam to edgy and from girly to business. And then there’s the urban style. My oh, my!

M Y  O U T F I T :

CLOTHES – white cropped hoodie with text “Leave Me Alone” from United Colors Of Benetton and high-waisted indigo jeans from Stradivarius.

SHOES – ankle strap black flats from Zara.

ACCESSORIES – black belt bracelet ; gold waist chain.

HAIR & MAKEUP – by me.


Till next time, yours, Glaibera Irofte.

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