A Racy Outfit for Thin Legs and Short Height

It’s the spring and summer fashion that we all can access now from closets, stores and anywhere else clothes can be found. And unless you’re not one of the Olsen sisters, you would like to wear something that’s revealing, like tight, cropped, short or see-through. But guess what, the clothes would not sit well on your body! Or at least that’s how it is for me.

And it’s no one’s fault. I am thin, and I have small glutes. Because of that, sometimes I feel like certain cuts or shapes don’t sit well on my body. And of course I want myself to look good, that’s why putting some effort and thought into my outfit is always a good idea. It ultimately pays off.

Let’s take for instance today’s outfit. I combined a flower print piece with some high-waisted faux leather shorts. The finished result satisfied my demand for something fashionable and “mannered” so to speak, but then I had to choose the right shoes, a task that required some more thought. It wasn’t that easy thanks to the shape, color, and volume of my shorts. I envisioned something delicate but different from the usual elegant, a task that I fulfilled in the end by wearing black knee-high socks with my peep-toe heels. This move worked in favor for my legs and complimented the rest of the outfit.

Till next time, yours, Glaibera Irofte.


Photo on 26-04-17 at 10.37 #2Photo on 26-04-17 at 10.52DSCN4323 (1)DSCN4320

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