Playful Faux Fur Spring Outfit

There has been a time when I had no idea what faux fur is, till I fell in love with this GRAYISH WHITE FAUX FUR COAT that I bought in Autumn last year AND all I can say is that this is a keeper. I like to wear it whenever the weather allows me to and THEN I like it because it keeps me warm, it’s soft and easy on my body and it works well with different types of shoes, hats, accessories, colors – very important, tops, jeans and skirts.

Moving on to my outfit for “today”, I actually wanted to wear black ankle boots but my jeans were not having it, so here I am, posing instead in my ORANGE PUMPS. Speaking of jeans, this pair is another “keeper”. Bought them something like 5 years back and it still rocks my world.

Since my JEANS were baby blue, I envisioned myself in something alike as color, so I picked a BABY PINK BODYSUIT. Moving on, yes, although I’m not into wearing belts with my pants, out of the blue I’ve decided to search for one and this is how it happened that METALLIC GOLD BELT on my jeans. It looks great, right? Yes, who would have thought!

If you wonder what’s the pink object – kids photo camera toy. If you’re wondering why, well, I just felt like playing with it. Oh, and the HIPPIE EXOTIC CHOKER is actually a handmade bracelet – and luckily I could use it for my neck too.

“She thinks she has ori, she thinks she has bimo, she might have a style and she has a mind.”

Till next time, G.I.


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