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Spring Streetwear/Everyday Look

Today I’ve decided for something casual, simple, perfect for streetwear AND just in tune with what Spring is like right when it begins – chill but warm enough to give up on the winter jacket. Ready?

Main items: sweater, jeans and track ankle boots. 

• The SWEATER is one item you need to have in your wardrobe. For this project I am wearing a black sweater with little tassels on the chest – detail which I love about this piece.

•The JEANS are light blue and pretty basic but fit and works well with my black sweater.

• My ANKLE BOOTS are black with track sole, very comfortable and trendy these days.

To complete the look: bracelet, knee black socks and long colorful socks.

Since my jeans are not covering the ankles, I’ve decided to wear black ankle socks and just fill up the space between the hem of the jeans and my boots. For an extra touch of I’ve added a second pair of socks, this time colorful and shorter.

The BRACELET is handmade with black leather, gold details and tassel.

And there you have it, your Spring everyday kind of look that’s warm, fashionable enough, comfortable and complimenting for any figure.

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