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About My Yellow Look | Despre Tinuta Mea Galbena

∗ edited in english and limba romana

It it said that yellow is the most luminous of all the colors of the spectrum, capturing our attention more than any other color. Is it really true? 

If you ask me, I will tell you this: yellow is one awesome color. It makes me feel happy and goes wonderful with my skin tone, therefore I’ve decided to glam it up and celebrate this luminous power colour.

While planning the look, I thought about several ideas, in the end deciding for my yellow pullover and a cute champagne slip dress. For heels I struggled a little till I tried on the peep toe metallic stiletto sandals – it looked so good! To finish my outfit, I chose a brown leather bracelet with pearl beads and black purse with tassel.

How I felt: yellow generally lifts my spirit while heels are an instant mood booster (for real). The slip dress made feel sexy and I loved how the fabric felt on the skin.

Pentru a celebra luminozitatea si caldura culorii galben, ma-m decis sa creez ceva glam – dedicat exclusiv acestei frumoase culori.

Le pièce de résistance este o bluza galbena cu un look casual cu care am construit o tinuta glam in combinatie cu rochita furou – pe care o am intr-o nuanta de sampanie. Pentru incaltaminte, am probat mai multe modele din care perechea aceasta de sandale cu aspect metalic si toc stileto a mers cel mai bine. Ca accesorii m-am limitat la o bratara cu margele perle si snur din piele maro. La final, o poseta neagra cu ciucur a mers de minune langa toate nuantele luminoase.

Cum m-am simtit: galbenul are un efect pozitiv asupra moralului meu, la fel si tocurile (si pentru tine, nu-i asa?). Rochita furou m-a facut sa ma simt sexy si mi-a placut tare mult cum s-a simtit materialul pe piele.

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