Chanel Couture SS 2017 Inspired Makeup & Hair

Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture for SS 2017 is happening this week and I’ve decided, for the very first time, to do an “inspired makeup”. My “muse” is the Chanel makeup from Chanel couture SS 2017 fashion show. Here I loved the metallic, silver and aluminium look and feel, a theme that gets to influence every aspect of the show and collection – including makeup. Here, the metallic look of the collection is found particularly in the eye makeup, with grey eyeshadow and a silvery metallic appearance for a highlighter – near the eyes, barely touching the cheekbone and sometimes in the inner corner of the eye.

As I was studying to recreate the look, it became very clear to me that everything in this makeup is kept at a minimum quantity – even the “life” in it. There is very little mascara, barely waking up the eye that looks lifeless and cold. Eyebrows are natural and where it is possible – bushy. Even the mouth, despite being nicely touched by shades of brown, orange and pinkish brown, looks cold and colorless.

To complete the look, in the show, hair is styled on one side and into a spiral on the back. For my short hair, I’ve decided for a low ponytail while styling everything else as in the show, with both sides slick and perfectly flat on the head.

How it felt: I definitely enjoyed doing this Chanel inspired makeup and hair, especially since I’ve never styled my hair this way. Fun times!


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